Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My latest WIP

Happy New Year 2009! Its a knife painting which I am currently working on. Needs a few finishing touches to complete. A Colourful way to start the new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


This is the third blog I have created in the last 2 years but it is the first blog with a purpose!I have been wanting to paint all my life I mean seriously paint.Of course i have some paintings (oils on canvas, digital paintings done on the comp etc) here and there but now I REALLY want to paint! I gained nirvana some time back as I knew I was searching for something more to do with my life than just go to work and struggle with the travails of daily life . So suddenly I bought canvas, paints, oils and started my first painting two weeks back. Now its done and am onto my second painting. I have suddenly started feeling I have seen the path that I have to tread! I know you may not identify with what I have to say but well...that's upto you. So now that means this blog will be a solely painting blog , interspersed with other ideas and stuff that I may wish to host from time to time. That time will tell ! With that I sign off as its time for me to rush through the morning chores before setting out to work and my daughter still hasn't woken up! I'll upload my painting later!