Thursday, February 12, 2015



Painted out of some orchids specially sent to me from a friend's farm, where I'd gone for a weekend visit. The farm had a special section just on flowers and I couldn't stop my admiration at the rows and rows of flowers! It was by a lake in Kamshet and I spent the whole day there.  There were chikoo yards, goats, cows and pig farms. There were huge vegetable patches and sugarcane fields. The farm also had a huge dormitory and a small guest house with nice rooms. The lunch comprised fresh food made deliciously unforgettable by the chef's special touch. After I came away I received a beautiful surprise the next day when I received a bouquet of orchids and I had to paint this inspite of a hectic week. This vase is very old and the only one I have as all others have broken. Have to buy one soon!