Friday, December 30, 2011

Anthesis - Oil on Canvas

 35 x 45 cms

Chrysanthemums at their fullest bloom look lovely. I had a friend send in pictures of these flowers from her garden and mixed colours exactly like the flowers she sent me. I had fun creating the values for each colour. The challenge was in creating a bouquet from my imagination. Tried to keep the warm/ cool combos to a certain extent. I used a small palette knife as the works had to be fine to keep the petals thin and used a bigger one for the leaves and flower- pot.

My blog is 3 years old today. This year has been very progressive for me as far as art is concerened. I have learned and grown by leaps and bounds. 

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year 2012 !      

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Myrrh- Oil on Canvas

A4 Size

A red bouquet of Roses to complement the Christmas ambience. Christmas to me has always been full of fun and parties and lots of carol singing. As kids, we used to practice carols for about two weeks and then finally belt them out in front of Santa! Santa would of course be one of our friends' fathers, who would get dressed in the gear and bring us gifts and chocolates. Then would follow a Christmas themed cultural show, ended by tea! The best part was the decoration..I still feel good whenever this time of the year comes. So let me not waste much time here as I need to head out and experience the Christmas flavour in Mumbai!

Here's.. 'We three kings'

Friday, December 16, 2011

Amorphy- Oil on canvas A4 size

It's the characteristic of nature to present itself in different hues and shapes that unnerves us! It's a mystery that man hasn't been able to solve and will never be!

A pallete knife work , executed with a single knife.  

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Allotropy- oil on canvas

 Done with palette knife , multitasked with daughter's Chemistry revision for a test tomorrow.

What better name than allotropy, as this is what she was studying?

Table composition- Oil on canvas

Marigolds, a bottle of water and a decorative arrangement with small flowers. Symbolises a typical table/ mantle piece arrangement.

This detailing , using the palette knife was a little daunting but I pulled through! 

I haven't signed the latest works , as the work is impasto and the paint layers are very thick and wet. Will wait for the paint to dry and then sign!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Flamboyant- Oil on Canvas

This small palette knife painting of dahlias takes me back once again to my days in Assam
( India), where I had a garden full of bleeding dahlias. They used to be like torchlights, with huge faces, almost drooping with their weight and splendour. They would reign the garden  , somehow standing apart boldly from the Chrysanthemums and Marigolds.

I can smell them now, though they don't have any fragrance and are best left in the garden, unlike the other flowers which are more apt for bouquets. Dahlias are regal and flamboyanrt!

Value Proposition- Oil on canvas

A small oil painting done for some landscape practice . It'sa copy, only for practice as where I liv,e there aren't too many pretty spots to do an original plein air 'pure' landscape, without getting some concrete jungle in the picture. This painting is not for sale . It's been almost two years or so since I did an actual landscape and this is one of the reasons, apart from my pre-occupation with figure studies and flowers.

I think a landscape painting can be looked upon as more of a value proposition, than a painting in itself. There is more than just a pretty picture to a landscape. it always is positive, it gives joy to everyone and it is always close to nature. I would position a landscape as not a landscape but a 'thing of joy'.

The Raaga I am doing riyaaz on today is Bageshree. It is a late night raaga.