Monday, October 22, 2012

My Colours of Life

20 x 30 inch
Oil on Canvas

My life has been a variegated medley of chapters. I have fought some, lost some and won some. In the pursuit of staying afloat in the currents of life, I've experienced all kinds of episodes and experiences. There have been so many colours in my life. I've absorbed them, maybe even to change my own colour!!! I now float in a myriad of  shades and hues and balance myself amidst work, music, motherhood, art and people!

These are the colours of my life. What are yours?

Monday, October 1, 2012


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
A4 size

Just when I think am done with doing flowers, I realise that am not and then presto! Out comes another from my stock!!! Did this in the morning, as I wanted to do a different colour scheme. Though I started out with yellows and muted blacks, I couldn't resist myself and added some cherries so that i could use my favourite reds!!! Can't seem to do without the bold colours!!!!

I have decided to name this painting Yellow for two reasons. A. because I have simply run out of exotic names. B because it's just that- yellow flowers!

Adding a famous song by "Coldplay' called Yellow to go with this painting!

Me By Not Me (Again)

My portrait painted digitally by artist Dnyaneshwar Jagadale. Dnyaneshwar is a J J School Alumni, whose work has been featured in several exhibitions including the prestigious Jehangir Art gallery in Mumbai. He has also worked in leading art and animation institutes. He is the Art director at Fx School .

I am really privileged to have been painted by such a skilled artist. The likeness is so perfect..I keep staring at it and that my photo or my painting?  Am thrilled!!!!:):)
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