Sunday, July 14, 2013


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
3ft by 2 ft
I was on  a painting sabbatical or should I call it a hiatus? Actually no, I will choose to call it  hibernation. I went into a period of artistic sloth, which made me look disinterestedly at my paints and knives. I bought canvases and drew out images only to relocate them to a corner of the house.
This work of art kick started out of serendipity and again took its silent and discarded place on the easel for a long time. Meanwhile I did normal things like sleeping, lazing around and watching TV. But eventually paints beckoned. I have been slogging at this for the past two days and today I was down on the floor with this canvas, acrobatically trying to fill up all nooks and corners. Finally am done!!! Deja vu to most of you blog followers? The reds are back. The blues are back. So are the yellows.
Today has been a day of successes! A table tennis rally early in the morning followed by a lovely breakfast. A lunch out and then this! Serendipity indeed!
Meanwhile my show at Mia Cucina Restaurant in Hiranandani Powai is on. Do check out my artwork there if you can. Thanks and till the next post...Bye!:)