Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Window Sill

Oil on canvas A4 size
Window sills are so fascinating. I have this long window sill on the balcony, which used to flaunt potted plants for a long time. Then slowly as I got into this madness called painting, the pots started getting replaced by bottles with brushes and turpentine.It started adding on and on. Currently it has about four bottle holders with brushes and palette knives, kerosine bottles, different tubes of paints and rolls of toilet paper (which I use abundantly for wiping paints)! The window sill is not a thing of beauty anymore perhaps to 'normal' people, but am sure painters would eye it with interest. Oh yes! It is a mess, which is a given with art and paintings..I love it!!!!:)
This painting is an imaginative abstraction of a 'normal' window sill, quite unlike mine!:) This photo is really bad by the way and the painting looks a lot different:(


Oil on canvas with palette knives
12x 14 inches

I had had a hard day yesterday and by the time it was afternoon, I knew I had to spread colours to dissolve my anger. Barely did I reach home when I knifed into an empty canvas and completed it this morning at the cost of my morning exercises!
I added colours here and similarly added calories to myself!:) 




I made these two paintings for my sister. Of late , I have started using more subtle colours on my palette.Maybe it is a sign of aging ( Not the painting, but the artist :0 ). 

This year I haven't had a single plein air session. That has reduced the number of paintings automatically. I am now planning to start some still life works at home. Do watch this blog!:)