Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Orchids -WC Pencils

This bouquet was home delivered to me on my birthday, as a surprise.Painting this was a pleasure for me as the flowers and the surprise both were lovely. Even more important was the fact that after years of dreading my Birthday for some personal reasons, I had finally welcomed this year's with an open mind!It is Art which gave me a new lease of life and made me find inner happiness. This post is dedicated to all the people in my life, who have been special to me in the following ways:

Friends, who egged me on and appreciated and encouraged me to paint.

Colleagues, who pushed me to keep on painting.

A few special people in my art world,who changed my entire perspective about art and upped my learning in a major way.

Finally, people who came into my life and made life bad for me, as now I can contrast what I have to what I had and appreciate the sheer beauty and joy of what I have!

As i was painting this, i was listening to Miley Cyrus's "The Climb". I feel the lyrics were written for me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steadfast Breakfast

These fruits and the empty glass ( waiting for the juice to be poured into it) was part of my breakfast the other day. Just decided to draw this as part of my ongoing experimentation with water colour pencils.I know I could have drawn the glass transparency far better with paints, but I think I can do a better job in my next painting! After my 6, 7 drawings and some reading on the net, I am discovering some great advantages of water colour pencils! These are especially good for figure drawings and on-site drawings!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have been receiving comments and calls about my bad photography. I have been meaning to take shots with my camera, however it somehow doesn't happen. Maybe it happens when one is more involved with the painting than with the snap of the painting. I guess that's the explanation.The last few ones have been especially bad, but then how much can you expect from an overworked mobile phone camera? This post is probably an explanation to my friends who visit my blog out of interest, or maybe an excuse of my subconcious to let you know that my work is better than it looks!!:)


I wanted to paint some veggetables today and literally snatched out these from the maid's hand. This is done with water colour pencils.A tomato, half a capsicum and some dhaniya (Indian Parsley).Water colour pencils is proving to be a good refuge when I want to do a quick evening sketch after work, but don't want to get into the paraphernalia of linseed and turpentine or get frustrated by a badly turned out water colour.Of course I am using them vigorously for figure studies as well.

I Love You

I have been experimenting with water colour pencils of late. They have proved to be a boon for me as I have grown up doing bold strokes with pencils and oils and find it hard to shift to a delicate medium like water colour. This is just a random sketch to enliven a dull evening spent near my daughter's study table.I later etched it with WC pencils . Its not really worth showcasing, but then I love this sketch.My maid has named it ' I Love you'.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My painting stuff-20x 20cm-Oil on Board

The other day, I was dying to paint, but was wondering about the subject. After much looking around about the house and outside it, I zeroed in on my painting cups.The black one with the brushes is the kerosene cup and the white one contains a mixture of turpentine and lincid oil. These cups were given to me by a friend of mine, for my painting purpose.I have a collection of throw away cups donated by friends!!The tube of Lemon Yellow paint has been squeezed out of shape, as in oil painting, that's one of the colours that I use most for mixing and highlighting.

Since it is a very small painting, the snap is of very poor quality ...that too after struggling to capture it for almost an hour..I am liking this painting a lot, as it has my favourite stuff, is bright and lends an air of painting to my living room!!