Monday, November 23, 2009

Kakinada- watercolour

On one my recent work trips to Kakinada, a small town in Andhra Paradesh...the place was looking very beautiful. The air was fresh, and the coconut trees were lush and the paddy fields were green. I cannot do justice to the natural beauty of the place in my painting, but this is a representation of the scenes I saw . Water colours are not my scene...but they at least help me recreate quick paintings of things and places I connect to artistically.The huts are very different, made out of dried coconut and palm leaves .

Thursday, November 19, 2009

" Field day "- water colour

My mind is seeking quieter "pastures".I painted this today from memory.I pass these paddy fields on the way to work . I saw something exactly like this today , on the way from my office bus. It was such a stark contrast to the busy traffic on the highway parallel to these fields. I don't know where my painting will lead me but as of now, it has surely become a weapon against stress! My own Yoga substitute!

Lake- break

Nothing as serene as a lake of water to quieten the mind.Took a break from an eventful evening by painting this

Wall of fame-water colour

These days am painting to kill stress. This is inspired by a wall of Bougainvillea flowers I pass by on my way to work .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I did these two sketches today (copies from newspaper photos) today. I enjoyed the experience and feel relaxed now. Art is meditative!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Village visions"- water colour practice

Am facing two challenges with water colours..A) Am not not able to get the vibrancy in colours

B) Am not able to blend and make colours "wash" into each other naturally...But try and try till you succeed is my motto!

" Lonely at the top" Water Colour Practice

Water colour painting is Tough!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Seasoned out

This is a water colour painting I made out of memory , of a tree I pass every day while going to work. The tree has seen better days and stands out among its other greener friends. Guess Its on its last leg. Nevertheless, it stands tall in its own beauty!

Random reflections

dAnother one of my attempts at water colours...out of imagination.guess I'll have to do a few more to get a hang of the technique!

"Two Souls"- practice water colours

I have been trying to read up a bit on art and different mediums. Water colours is a different ball game all together.This is a water colour painting I tried to do out of imagination. The challenge is in trying to get the act together at one unlike the oils I am used to doing. But this was a real nice experience. I guess , I got lost while trying to blend the colours as well while drawing the shrubs on the right hand side.