Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An end is a beginning!

Hi Blog readers! It is that day of the year when all of us get geared to party and welcome the new year. I am reminiscing today as I leaf back month by month of my mind's year book. How was the year ? It was a year of love and a year of pain. It was also a year of decisions and responsibility. It was everything but a year of art  when it comes to painting and drawing. However, I did paint a few canvases and I did make a few sketches. I also put up my artwork in a restaurant in an upmarket place in Mumbai. I hopped into a few exhibitions too. The Flemish exhibition from Antwerp Museum was a real treat where they exhibited works of the great Van Dyke and Reubens. The India Art Festival was a proof of the ever growing number of Indian artists , big and small. Some learning that I did in the year:

1) The composition of an artwork is crucial in terms of how the outcome would be.

2) Next comes colour harmony. You might have got some great strokes but if you haven't worked out the colour theme well, the visual impact would be very feeble .

3)  An artist should stick to his or her forte in terms of style and themes. It is great for identity and sales.

4) Exhibitions are important not only for sales but for networking for the next level.

With that I end my post with best wishes for a New year 2014.
My blog has completed 5 years and it has been a wonderful journey. Thanks for all the encouragement!

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Oil on canvas with palette knives.
12x16 inch
Trust is the biggest asset and solidarity is the greatest temple.So many relationships have crumbled because of lack of these.People fail to remember that patience is a virtue that only the strong possess. But only the true survive the test.The fake ones show through the sieve of deceit and veneer.This is dedicated to truth!

Bandra Cottage

A sketch of a cottage in Bandra, Mumbai. Bandra is a posh suburb of Mumbai usually famous for pubs and shopping.But beyond that lie the beautiful sceneries of Bandra dotted with old Portuguese styled bungalows and churches.This is one of the many sketches that I did to  retain my memory of the wonder and glee that I experienced whenever I discovered a new bungalow or church.How long before they submit to the vagaries of civilisation and trade hands with multi-storeyed apartments? Will the balconies and fluttering curtains just be frozen in art and poetry?