Sunday, July 5, 2015

Creme de la Creme

10 x10"
Oil on canvas with palette knives
The good life starts with an apple in the morning so that you are fit enough to end it with an indulgent chocolate crème drink! So much for balance! The model is attached below for reference!

Dianthus Vincifera-

Got these carnations from my regular florist who is never excited to see me as I spend a lot of time and take only a small bunch, that too after repeated requests to add extra flowers. He does not identify with my need to paint flowers and says he only wants the price. He has big customers who order huge bouquets so am not really a big person for him, even though I may be his most consistent customer.
My maid suggested the addition of the wine bottle as I was setting up the ensemble.
Wine and flowers. What more does a woman want! A photo of the model for reference as well as one from the work in progress!