Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mine but not mine

Some of my art which now hangs on others' walls:( SOLD)


It's a mixed feeling to part with one's art. You know it's your baby but you also know that it's someone else's baby now. But it's a feeling of accomplishment at the end of it!

Suchitra Bhosle Workshop

Some months back I went for the second time to attend a portraiture workshop conducted by internationally reknowned artist Suchitra Bhosle. It was a very enriching experience and the learning was profound.

Suchitra teaches the Alla Prima technique.There are notes on my blog about this technique from my earlier workshop with her. 

Suchitra , most times is bounding with energy and passion and leaves no leaf unturned to make sure that each and every participant learns to the maximum possible extent. She works with quick swishes of her long brushes and tirelessly explains each and every stroke, every build up of the form with utmost clarity and scientific precision.  What is most unique about her, apart from her being a great teacher is her humility. She has this wonderful quality of connecting individually to each and everyone, including the live model (sensing what time he/she needed breaks). She has inspired me no end. She almost gives a corporate touch to painting, as she builds beautiful faces and figures from shapes and forms and uses business rhetoric to explain art! She is amazingly professional and crisp while teaching.

Below is my version of one of the live models. I used very dark values and strained my back trying to paint him and as I ended my painting I thought I had done a good job. Just then came his 8 year old son, who had come in at the end of the day and looked disdainfully at my work. I asked him if it resembled his father and his answer was a prompt "No". Well that explains!!!!! 

Some highlights of the workshop:

1) Great group. Some of us were repeaters from last year.

2) Easels crashing into each other. Mornings saw us rush in early to spread our easels as close to the model and artist as possible, only to find out later that the angle wasn't perfect.

3) The artist's mother, who had modeled herself for her daughter for a demo and who was the most amazing and positive person in the backdrop.

4) Interesting light and shadow arrangements.

5) Music, ambience & simple food.

6) An ending with a song sung by yours truly. 

7) Most important factor: Suchitra giving us points of development on works that we had done previously, which we had carried with us.

I recommend this workshop to all oil painters who are interested in portraiture. She is a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher and artist of course!


Oil on Canvas - A small study
Again? Yes again! Yet again I painted a flower bouquet. I have no clue myself why I just love doing flowers.Actually I do. I feel flowers are bold. They are symbols of power and strength. They are blatant expressions of beauty.Can you imagine what gumption it requires to flaunt oneself at the world and say "Come look at me in my splendour. Admire my beauty and take in energy"! 
Every time I do flowers, I know I will come back for more. I especially have a penchant for strong red flowers. I love to amass the colour on the canvas with full blown strokes.
Flowers: beauty, strength and grandeur! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Profile Portrait

Oil on canvas with palette knives

Not my usual style, this. This painting is done for a new friend, who said "Please make me a painting to describe your version of me."  This is exactly how I envision my friend!A people person, love for cars and also an artist! Doesn't it sound like a facebook profile?:):). There are more personality traits packed in this painting of course but everything is not spelled out. Some things are discovered.

I love the word I created though- Profile Portrait. Seems apt and contemporary, on the lines of 'profile picture' in this social networking crazy era!