Saturday, December 4, 2010

Colour Concepts

Some Notes:

A synonym for colour is hue.

Colours may be made lighter or darker by adding white or black respectively.

A lighter version of a particular colour is called a tint ( as in Pink from red).
A darker version is called a shade.

Tone means the dull or brighter variants of  a colour by combining grey.

Primary colours: Red, Green, Blue
Secondary colours are derived by mixing primary, green purple
Tertiary: Mixing primary and secondary


Colour Wheel Chart:

Photo ref:

Complementary Colours: are opposite to each other on the color wheel. An example of complementary colors is red and green.

Value: Degree of lightness or darkness of a colour.

Warm Vs Cool Colours:

Almost all people find some colors 'warm' and other colors 'cool'. Generally, the 'warm' ones are seen as related to the yellow/orange side of the color wheel chart, and the 'cool' ones to the blue/green side (this is independent of how many primary colors you're rooting for).

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