Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guns and Roses- Oil on Canvas Board, 35 x 45 cms

Indian Marriage- A rosy picture for some women , filled with peace and sunshine...but a life of bleeding agony and chains for others.
This being a" thinking" painting, took a lot of time and toil. It had to be planned, to be able to divide the expressions into sad and happy. Well, this is what I have at the end of it.


Arvind said...

This theme could spark a series of paintings. First look, things seem normal and on closer observation the depth, the duality and the irony strikes the viewers. Truly a valuable piece. Pls do try mote variants around this theme.

Facts of Life said...

Arvind, this painting is actually part of a series in my mind and is very close to my heart. The first one was ' trapped' which I did last year.
Am starting it sometime soon.

romi said...

A lovely piece of work. It conveys so many messages in one go - indeed a master piece. A closer look depicts a thousand emotions of the women who indeed is caught in the intricate web of happiness and sorrows.
Thanks wish you may more of such wonderful work

Facts of Life said...

Romi..this painting is close to my heart.
yes, It depicts how marriage can mean happiness or sorrow for an Indian woman!