Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oil on Canvas with palette knives

A bad photo but still a photo till the time I click a better one! This is a bottle of White Zinfandel wine that I had got myself from an airport while on a trip. Now that I have opened it, I thought I should bring it on my canvas!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bottle Green

Oil on canvas with palette knive
4 x 6"

This tiny painting has history ! What's the big deal about a small still life, you would wonder! Well, the story goes such. This bottle is important! About a year or so back, I read an article that plastic bottles are not good for storing drinking water and long usage leads to cancerous diseases. I realised then that I did not have a single glass bottle at home. I went out to the nearby stores to buy glass bottles, only to realise that they weren't easily available. That was when I asked some friends to pass on whatever throw-away bottles they had. In the stock of bottles that I received as donation, this was the biggest bottle; however, it came with a cork and smelt of wine every time you filled it with water, in spite of washing it several times. Eventually, it gave in to the rinses and became the "show stopper" water bottle of the kitchen! Well, to cut a boring story short, I soon lost interest in filling up glass bottles and especially this bottle, as it was too big in size. Every time I walked into the kitchen, it reflected beautiful reflections in the green colour and so it finally landed up on my canvas! The green bottle that is painted with bottle greens is an evergreen bottle on my kitchen rack, albeit empty!