Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Raag Miya Malhar Series displayed in India Art Festival 2019 Mumbai

Two of my artworks from the #Raaga Project, from Raag  #Miya #Malhar series were displayed in India Art Festival 2019, Mumbai by Galerie Art Eterne. I was delighted to see my babies hung on the same wall along with works from eminent Indian and International artists. I knew all these years, that my love for Hindustani Classical Music and my love for Art should merge and finally they have ! What better platform than the canvas, where they come together in the most beautiful way, with a myriad of colours! My heartfelt thanks to Galerie Art Eterne, from Delhi for exhibiting my artwork consistently for a few years now. Their professional approach and quality of interaction is great and I have been lucky to get associated with them. Some of my friends took special effort in sparing time to come and visit my booth and I was overwhelmed and filled with renewed energy to paint again! My evenings are going to be colourful!     

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Vernissage in Josselin, France

Josselin Chateau

Josselin Church Choir

Josselin Town Prep for Medieval Festival

Josselin Square

Me with my sketch of Josselin Chateau

Oldest house Josselin

                                                            Ornate door of an antique house

                                                             Restaurant in Josselin

With fellow Artists Payel and Supriya from France and London respectively and a little boy!

In June 2018, I travelled to France to a quaint commune called Josselin for a vernissage between Indian, Spanish and French artists in Galerie Espace Zen. Though the display itself was not organized well, I had a great time and saw different styles of art and also learnt Papier Mache from a French Sculptor. We ended up doing a beautiful sketch crawl in Josselin, which is a quaint but touristy place due to the Josselin Chateau belonging to the Rohan family. The whole town was in preparation for the annual Medieval Festival in July and wore a festive look. Healthy French food, beautiful cool weather, long walks and slight drizzles made Josselin a great experience. I have come back with impressions of Brittany , which is where Josselin is and the colour blue reigns high on my mind. I have already started some work where am influenced by Brittany colours ! After the display, we did museum tours in Paris and it was great to see the artworks of all my dream painters for real! It was my second trip to Le Louvre, but am not done yet!  

Waiting to get back to France soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Art corner at the Bhavan, London

A snapshot of my art corner at the group show in London, which came to an end yesterday. A very well curated and well publicized show, the Bhavan is one of the eminent spaces for the Indian crowd in London. A friend of mine, went all the way from his office , changing two tubes to go and visit my show and also send in pics!

Little did I know , when I met Supriya in Josselin, France two months back in an art display where both of us were participating, that I would be displaying in London so soon! 
I must say I missed being physically present but these days technology helps create many bridges and so cannot really complain!  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Group Show- London

Happy to announce that 4 of my florals are getting exhibited in a group show in London from 25th August 2018 to 27th August 2018. If you are around London city at that time  or live there, do try and visit the show, carefully curated by a renowned Indian artist based out of London.

Meanwhile, am I excited! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Rhythm Des Fleurs and Rosa

I am here after a long time. These two sets of paintings are travelling to far shores to be exhibited in a small show and am I excited! 

 Rhythme Des Fleurs
My connection with Indian Classical Music is known to most and it has largely crept into my artwork and way of living. When I was asked to exhibit what I think constitutes me, what more could I think than music and flowers! Each bouquet here is vying for space along with each piece of a set of Tablas ( Indian percussion instruments used for accompaniment in  Indian Classical Music). The tablas are a very important part in North Indian Classical music. They determine complex math which correspond to each note of a rendition and  are often responsible for making or marring a performance. I am lucky to have a set at home, belonging to my Guruji and this is not the first time I have made these serious set of instruments pose for my art! The tablas are a formidable set of instruments for every classical singer - a source of delight as well as fear for the possibility of missing a beat and spoiling the whole performance! All in all, they are the most sought after apparatus in music!      

Rosa 1 and 2
These abstract flowers represent the complexity of life. We exist among so many dynamics, but yet we make a beautiful presentation of it!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beer Festival in Grand Place Brussels

Cafe Chaloupe d'Or
Grand Place de Bruxellas

Beer festival 
Grand Place de Bruxellas
Caught hurriedly on tissue paper I did these sketches a few months back when I was on a quick tour to Europe. Grand Place de Bruxellas was in the happy frenzy of an ongoing Beer Festival and the live energy amidst the beautiful and ornate architecture around brought out the artist in me. I was in the midst of sampling some delicious Belgium chocolate but I kept the confectionery aside to perch myself under a baroque lamp-post and capture these sketches! Unlike in India, people did not peer or gather around you when you sketched in the open. It seemed to be a done thing. Happy beer guzzlers bonding in camaraderie, stylish people wearing the latest fashion, parents with babies in strollies, selfie clickers straining their necks to get the perfect shot and introverted artists all comprised the mix of crowd milling around. I had a wonderful memory and the most beautiful experience sketching there!