Saturday, July 26, 2014


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
8' x 10"
When I painted this, my weekend was mellow, so had decided on mellow colours. But by the time I uploaded this, it had become quite interesting. Just when I thought life was slow and uneventful, things started happening. We never know what is round the corner.
I am planning on starting a bigger work next weekend. Let me see if I can manage to do that.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
12 x 14"
Miscellany is so cofusing but so beautiful. Life is interesting because everyone has different aspects to contribute. All wouldn't have been so beautiful without each! We face it everyday in our workplaces, our families and societies. Each person comes with a variegated combination of strengths and weaknesses which makes him or her unique . 
I have walked this earth through a number of paths now. Met many, kept many and discarded many.  We have to live among all. It is often a clutter, jostling for space in a small bowl but at the end it is the final piece that counts!
This work took me about two months. Life is hectic on all other aspects so the only place where I can pace my time. Till the next one, then!