Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sula- Zinfandel Rose'

10x12 inches
Oil on Canvas with Palette Knives
Another one to my -OH series. This is a bottle of Zinfandel Rose' from Sula Vineyards in India, Sula is a brand of wine which has revolutionized the Indian wine industry in the past 7 to 8 years. The vineyards are in Nashik, in the state of Maharashtra and Sula is responsible for 'legitimising'  wine drinking amongst the urban middle class in India. Wine drinking, which was a thing for the upwardly mobile crowd has now become affordable and acceptable due to the reach that Sula has made possible. Sula also has lovely wine tours and resorts in the vineyards in Nashik. 
A very happening music and wine festival, The Sula fest is held every year in the vineyards which I would like to visit some day!  Coming up next on the -OH series is a bottle of Sula Portwine!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ahir Bhairab

Oil on Canvas with palette knives
14" x 16"
There are times when you stop still and realize life is just a journey. This journey must come to an end. Today or tomorrow. The only certainty is the guarantee of death. All else is fake. It is a cliché we often use but what of those who are faced with this eventuality? Do they have any choice but to pick up the strings and move on with life because there is absolutely nothing else they can do. The near one who was so full of flesh and blood, mirth and rage, conversations and contemplations is suddenly snatched away and is just a part of memory. 
This is a tribute to my cousin Ahir Bhairab who passed away suddenly at a young age, at the height of his career. Unusually tall, highly creative, and massively multi talented, he was a very popular cousin, friend and colleague  to different people respectively. Though I had not met him for a few years , we have grown up together and share many childhood memories. May his soul rest in peace. these white flowers are my way of offering tribute to his departed soul.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gardens by the Bay


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
8"x 10"
I dedicate this painting to the memories of the spectacular Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. I made this painting for my friend who lives there, but the visit to the Gardens so impressed me that I carried some of those impressions onto the canvas. I know this small painting can hardly make up for the wonderous beauty of the Gardens.
Gardens by the Bay is a man- made, huge expanse of gardens by the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore consisting of North Gardens, which are marked by huge gardens highlighted by the supertree grove and South Gardens which consist of two domes - the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest Dome. The most amazing part is the Cloud Forest where one can see how science has been used to recreate nature. You feel like you are in the middle of a real tropical rain forest with a waterfall, mist, typical flora and fauna and cold weather with moss! The gardens have all the varieties of flora and fauna one can possibly imagine, from cacti to tulips. At the time we visited, a tulip festival was going on, where in they created a mini Holland with windmills et all!