Monday, July 25, 2011

Flight Plight- Sketch, Gel pen

I had done this sketch about a year and a half back when I was flying to some work destination. I was bored in the flight and sketched this with a gel pen, just  to while time.It was done from the photo of a celebrity. 

Floored!- Sketch , carbon pencil

This squatting posture caught my fancy and I made a quick sketch of this maid sitting on the floor.

She was excited at this sudden interest on her and posed wonderfully. She would have given any live art model a complex! Well, I enjoyed this quick live drawing session and so did she! Little does she know that she has occupied pride of place on this blog and is on view for the world!
I do not feel like painting today and so decided to close my drawing with this. Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Me by 'Not Me' - Watercolour

Since I don't have anything of mine to upload, I decided to upload this painting  . I was painted  by  one of my fellow art buddies in one of our painting group meets.  This painting isn't perfect but quite good, as those days we were learning ( which we still are. of course) These meets are very interesting
as we learn through live drawing sessions and the sense of proportions, colours and shadows is assessed and there is direct application of theory to practical aspects. The learning points here were the proportions, fall of fabric, angle of sitting etc.
I had enjoyed posing while I was at it, but remembered suffering from astiff and painful back after the session for about 2 days!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bookshelf - Sketch

A charcoal sketch of a Bookshelf, made from a photo.

I have been sketching on some great paper of late.. It's called acid free drawing paper. The texture is smooth and great for pastels and pencils both. 

I was listening to 'All of my Love' by Led Zeppelin while doing this sketch...
Link below: Pl do not miss. Especially the saxophone (not too sure whether it's sax or some kinda flute though) bit in the middle of the song!

Fall Vista - Soft Pastel Sketch

Had done this sketch out of imagination with soft pastels. I love those pastels, save for the fact that they generate too much dust and after sometime one starts sneezing. When I was halfway through this sketch, I started sneezing and it made my hand unsteady.

Tips for artists:

Have a rag cloth ready with you if you are using these pastels.
Do not wear light cloured clothes.

Either use a fixative spray if you want to preserve them, or frame them right away, or the colours may 'dust' away. 

This sketch is better than the photo!When will I click pix with my cam or rather, will I ever take the effort to click snaps with my cam?

I have got a half done oil of a girl sitting in a boat in the wilderness on the easel. but i seem to have abandoned it. Till then, expect more sketches!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pretty Facade - Oil on Canvas Board 14x 18''

A painting done entirely by palette knives. This one is a big sized one and took me more than a month, as I wasn't so much into painting for some time in between.
It is done from a snap of the facade of a house of a friend and I juxtaposed warm and cool colours, while trying to keep the essence of her house.
It was a difficult assignment, self imposed no doubt , but doing geometrical structures with knives was the challenge and it was a good change.
Meanwhile my brushes aren't too happy that i have simply abandoned them and lie in different stages of uncleaned state. Maybe I will pick them up and do something with brushes next. Knives are great but my paints are fast disappearing from my stock!


Oil on Board 30x 40 cms

I did some more work on this after I clicked this photograph, but am too lazy to click one more photograph.
Done from imagination with palette knives .

'Come as you are'

Oil on Board 20x 20 cms
A teeny weeny knife painting done straight out of the mind. No drawing, no planning, no scheme. I blobbed whatever colour was there on the palette from the last work and some others that I just picked . Colours came on the canvas, as they were, as I wanted them to be!This painting  reminds me of the song 'Come as you are ' of Kurt Cobain. Link below:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unmindful - Oil on Canvas Board-20x22cms

Sometimes you paint just because you have to. This is a tiny knife painting that I did just to convince myself that I can still paint  (Its bin ages since I last did). But my mind and heart weren't on it and it shows in the result!

I have meanwhile gotten more mastery over the pallete knives and am wondering if I can get back to the brush, now that I have been piling paint directly on to the canvas. Just wipe it clean and that's it! Over! No turpentine, no! Only thing is, it is going to wipe my bank account also clean as this method requires more than double the amount of paint that would be used with brushes!!!

This is one instance where I cannot say that the painting looks better than the photo, because it's the reverse...The photo looks better than the painting!:)