Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Cafe- Oil on canvas with brush
(small size painting)

I painted this quite a few months ago . But those days, I was painting so prolifically, that I couldn't cope with painting , blogging and social networking all at once.

This painting has an interesting background. It all started with a beautiful paint-out near the Powai lake, post which, the entire group went for a brunch in an Irani Cafe called Kooler n Co. near Dadar Parsi Colony. This was my third visit to this cafe. I just love the quaint decor there. The ambience is very old-world with newspaper cuttings and pictures published in magazines dated years back. The sunday brunch crowd comprises well-dressed lazy church goers and other drop-ins like us (with paint splattered across our clothes!). The most curious part of the decor was the stuff stacked on the shelves all around,from juice bottles to rat poison!!!!!! If they mixed that in the food, I am still alive after gorging on the simply delicious food there quite a few times!!:).

Now about the food.  We had bun maska with mutton keema (simply delicious) , Irish coffee, meat balls, strawberry juice and brun with Irani tea! This is as far as I can recall. There were more items that we ate!I do not remember now.

I find cafes very interesting. People saunter in with all kinds of attitudes and attire. I painted this a long time after the cafe visit and the painting has impressions of experiences from different cafes that I visited. I wish I had worked in some light into the painting, but it was difficult from imagination. This painting now hangs in a friend's place!