Monday, February 28, 2011

Gajra - Water Colour Sketch on hand made paper

This is a quick water colour sketch of a Jasmine Gajra ( Indian word for bunch of flowers worn in hair). I got them last evening and wanted to paint them . Wish I could do an oil but I do not have the time as the flowers would wither away and decided to do a quick morning sketch. As I painted this, the sweet smell of the flowers added to the beauty of the moment. I never thought about it before but Gajras can really make very interesting still life subjects! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anywhere- In rural Maharashtra -Water Colour on paper

This is a water colour which "I treated" like an oil. I walked out on the painting and left it half done for more than a month, only to return back to it today and finish it. This happened merely due to other exigencies, after which I got into static painting inertia for somedays. I finally completed it. The main focus in this is the shadows. I am trying this kind of thing for the first time.I have been fascinated by water colour shadows of late and plan to try out few more , which I shall do with more focus and concentration. This painting is an inspiration from a reference snap clicked by a friend of mine, done after due consent from him.

I think am back in the mood. I have put my oil brushes to wash and clean. Want to do an oil soon. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


I haven't drawn in a while. While there have been other preoccupations, my mind is still on art.

I often wonder why do I get drawn to art? Well its because:
Art has no boundaries, no rules, no limits. You can be yourself. Unlike human relationships, art cannot hurt.
Art is comforting, cosy and accepts me as I am. I can express my innermost feelings on the canvas.

Art is the most beautiful thing to happen to me.