Thursday, August 9, 2012


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
A4 size

Flowers de-stress me completely. I love to build up a bouquet or a vase decoration on canvas. I let the knife lead me in this. These flowers are small chrysanthemums and marigolds in my imagination.

One of my Plein air painting buddies is leaving town. Wonder if I will get around to doing plein air painting as often as I did.I was waiting for the rains to get over! However, art is in the heart and nothing can stop it I guess!!:)  

Monday, August 6, 2012


Oil on Canvas with palette knives

My evening was as polychromatic as this bouquet, what with painting, a vigorous table tennis rally and a bit of Math with my daughter . Of course add to that the part of clicking a picture and all that downloading and uploading ! But here I am, done with this and ready for the next painting!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

'The Learning Series'


It's a Teeny Meeny Itsy Bitsy oil dotted painting! It was on a day when I craved to paint but my daughter's math prep for an exam kept me busy.Since I couldn't get around to painting something large scale, I got this small canvas board from my daughter's stock and painted this impressionist hibiscus while multitasking with her Math.In my mind it's a mathematical flower (jasinski) with the essence of squares , cubes and congruent triangles.It was just an art-snack, but nevertheless, an art meal. 

Bloom's Taxonomy

When you are caught between wanting to paint and wanting to rest after a hectic day at work, what's the best you can do? Simple! Grab a tiny canvas, grab the paints and the palette knives and splash some bright colours. The sunflowers in my office continue to beckon me and invite me. I glance at them enviously, as the blooms sway merrily in the sun and intermittent showers , as I dart past with some Learning plans!!


Pink nowhere lies on my usual palette of reds and yellows, but I thought I should try to soften up once in a while. As I was painting this, I was reminiscing about my days when I worked in a training company.I fondly remembered this word 'schwa' which I decided to name this painting.

A rose arose (schwa) from these memories put together and also as an attempt to add to what I now have decided to call my' Learning Series' of small canvases.

Chandrakanta's Balcony

Oil on Canvas with palette knives.
A3 size

An artistic representation of my Septuagenarian friend Chandrakanta's balcony. She had moved to a new apartment  and was excitedly showing me around . She didn't waste much time on other stuff as she quickly led me to this beautiful balcony, which had a glass railing.One could step right into this circular balcony spanning across a bedroom and kitchen at the other end. She had decorated it with nice flowering potted plants. We sipped iced tea on those chairs and looked out into the hills at the distance..All in all it was a grand evening, as we chatted and caught up on each other after months. She is one of the most energetic women I have seen and the age difference that we have has never come into our friendship. I told her there and then that I was going to paint this experience. I came home and attacked the canvas immediately, as I painted out of memory! I painted this over a month ago but my life has become so hectic that blogging is beginning to take a back seat.