Sunday, January 29, 2012

'Bihu brands'- Oil on canvas board

20X 30 cms

This is a brushwork I did about 2 months back, for a function to be held for the launch of an album on Bihu music.
Bihu is a festival of Assam (Indian state) which is held in the Spring season, and is also the Assamese new year. This festival heralds the beautiful greenery and people make merry and indulge in romance. 

It is marked by the Bihu songs and the Bihu dance , which are performed by dancers, originally in the crop fields . The female dancers wear the traditional Assamese( Indian state)  two piece dress  Mekhela Sador in Muga silk. The bottom left most corner of the painting depicts one piece of the dress, in dull yellow silk with red ,yellow and green work done on the loom.

The leftmost corner of the painting depicts the 'Japi' , a traditional Assamese headgear, used for decoration.( not worn as a headgear though). It's made of bamboo and leaves of certain trees and is usually yellow in colour with bright red and green cloth. It is used as an accompaniment in the Bihu dance.

The rightmost corner of the painting depicts the Assamese orchids, 'Kopou Phool'  , or the foxtail orchid and it blooms in abundance during the season. It is used as a decoration in the bun of the Bihu dancer, while she is performing the dance.

At the bottommost right hand corner is the Gamocha or the Assamese towel. It is a versatile piece of cloth, used right from a gift of respect or greeting to a special or revered person,  to using it as a  towel for daily use. During Bihu festival, it is used as a gift for friends and family, to wish the new year. 

I gifted this painting to the friend of mine who is releasing the album.

Here's a video of a bihu dance, where the dancers are performing Bihu dance in traditional dress to a bihu song.  :

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