Monday, May 27, 2013

My article in Planet Powai

My article was published in a newspaper called Planet Powai. Link is given below:

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Oil on canvas with palette knives
12x14 inches

Blur is the essence of life. Nothing is hundred percent.It's the reds, blues and pinks which make life. Between the blur are the bold spots that we need to create and sustain!  
The sunday morning is complete with this artwork! I have been collecting canvasses but haven't been able to paint as much. Life has been hectic and robotic.I spent the first part of the morning with this and now am bounding to tackle the chores for the day. 
I chose different colours today. Am trying to use less of the reds for a change these days. The heat is on outside and I thought I should combat it best with more of cool colours on my palette.

The raaga which comes to me today and which is my favourite is raaga yaman.
here's a fusion piece for you to enjoy!:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art and Commerce

I had once talked about the other side of art on this blog. The other side of art is in fact nothing but the commerce of art. There are days when the art of art has to take a backseat for the commerce of it.
As far as I am concerned, the commerce came naturally along with the art.
If I were to really put it in chronology, this was how it was and still is:

1) I was bored and dejected.
2) I felt like painting, so I painted.
3) As I painted, I blogged about it.
4) I felt good about my creations and gave a few away as gifts. My friends liked my paintings. So did some friends of theirs.
5) Some friends eventually  felt sorry for me and bought a few paintings which I gave away at pitiful prices.
6) I painted more and more and learnt so much that I seemed to have gotten better at it and people actually wanted them for a price.
7) I started selling at decent prices.
8) I painted a few orders.
9) I exhibited just because I felt that was the next logical thing to do, as my house was screaming colours from all nooks and corners.
10) Art was beginning to give me commerce.

Having said all this, I state that art and each artwork is sacred for me. I never had a push strategy for it. It was a pull thing that happened. I still paint because I love to and if anyone wants to pay me for its value, it's a great thing to happen. Else, I am not getting into a deal at all.

I slowly realised that the commerce of art was not very artful at all! When you got the value for an artwork you felt great, exhilarated and had enough money to buy supplies for the next two canvases!

Some down sides of art-commerce:

1) People say they desperately want a piece and then after you have gone ahead and framed it , they do not get back.

2) People comment on public threads that they want a particular artwork, but when you quote them the price, they disappear. This happened to me and at least two other artists I know.

3) I recently carried a painting with me when travelling to my home town as someone desperately wanted my artwork on his wall. I had to go through all kinds of manoeuvres to get the painting through security as there was some issue about carrying wooden frames in the aircraft. Anyway, after I reached my destination the person never responded, even after my messaging him repeatedly. I had to leave the painting back in my Mom's. It has been more than two weeks since I have come back but .....      

 These are some of the small issues that I have faced in my limited horizon. I say limited because I have not voluntarily ventured into the commercial side of art.

I think all artists would agree with me that art is sacred to them. They do not like to go into negotiations with people who do not understand the value of art.

To me each work is a value proposition. Respect, beauty and hardwork are packed into each piece.
However, I know that art and commerce shall never meet. They will always go parallel to each other!   

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quiet white

Oil on canvas with palette knives
12 x 16 inches


This is done from a photograph clicked of a rural house in Maharashtra by a friend of mine.I took the whole afternoon to work on this and finally completed it. A lot of my precious titanium white has gone into this! 
House facades are so interesting! Who knows what lies behind the facade? What stories each member has to tell? Between the facade and the house is the home! I often wonder as I pass by huts and bungalows, ,about the people who inhabit the bungalows. Whatever be their stories, a facade always looks steadfast, serene and solid.Quiet!

This house looked particularly interesting as it boasts of a modern rural India. the dish antenna is a tell-tale!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
Small study

What better subject to pick on during the very famous,much awaited and much celebrated mango season! Mangoes of course! This small study is done in the Alla prima technique. I must admit that the mangoes that I painted as subjects were brighter in colour. I took darker values on my range. For special effects, I placed the mangoes on a purple background (took a risk with one of my branded tops and am yet to check if there are any stains ...but anything for art!!!).

These mangoes actually are for today's dessert . Paint them before eating them!!!