Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comments- A plea

Dear friends,

Thanks a lot for all your comments on my paintings. it serves as great motivation for me to go on. Just one plea..I request you to give your identity on the comments, so i know who it is coming from. Also..I request you to focus your comments as critique for the painting only. This blog is strictly for my paintings and thus I look forward to feedback and comments only on the paintings. Thanks once again for your encouragement...

Water Colour- Village scene

A water colour I tried out on hand made paper.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Water Colour Practice- Vase

Hosting my first painting for the year 2010. Bin trying to imbibe the nuances of water colours...It seems to be a tough call for me..however, did this small postcard painting inspired from a vase which stands in a corner of my house.Coulndt really do that good a job as I put more flowers than necessary, which tipped the balance of the painting. Still am happy that it went better than my older water colours.