Sunday, February 23, 2014

La mer à Manori

Oil on canvas with palette knives
6 x 10 "

It was a lovely Sunday when we set out to paint in Manori, which is a small beach about an hour's drive away from Mumbai.

I'd gone painting en plein air after ages and it was the first time I painted in the afternoon. After checking into a lovely resort for lunch, I decided to set up my easel in the backyard, overlooking the sea. I chose this spot with the three boats, which were bobbing up and down. It was a lovely experience as there was a cool breeze amidst the many coconut trees there, which gave me the right blend of sun and shade for the painting. As I was about to spread out my paints, I realised that I'd forgotten to carry my palette and went running into the kitchen to ask for something to paint with. After much begging and pleading the manager was kind enough to lend me a broken plate, which I grabbed with lot of gratitude! 

This scene took me about two odd hours to paint, with some curious onlookers, who thought I was crazy to spend time painting instead of lazing on a hammock! The only challenge was the bobbing boats which moved everytime I looked up from my canvas. I came back home and touched up the canvas a bit and this is what I have!

Manori is a beautiful getaway from Mumbai , which takes you into a Goa like setting of a small village with beautiful cottages. It is the first time I painted the sea and it was a good move from the lake scenes that I usually did!  


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
14 x 16 "

Tuberose ( Rajanigandha) is one of my favourite flowers and a few stalks regularly adorn my living room. This painting is inspired by a few white lilies that I bought along with my regular Rajanigandhas. Inspite of my penchant for dark colours, I have always chosen these white flowers for my living room, both for their fragrance and purity. The connection goes back to my younger days. After my father suddenly passed away, my Mom used to adorn his portrait with a bunch of these flowers and they became a part of our living room decor. Another connection is with the song Rajanigandha from the movie of the same name, which I sang right through my childhood and am still singing. After many years, I have fallen into the same habit of putting a few stalks in my living room and delighting in their familiar fragrance. All is well, except for the price of these flowers, which is quite steep! 
I have to put a few finishing touches, once the painting dries a little. Uploading a link to the song. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


10 x 12 "
Oil on canvas with palette knives

A lone woman who dares to walk the streets alone, who is ready to take on the world on her own! Boldness is a virtue that only a few possess! What lies round the corner? What awaits in the next alley? Whatever it may be, she is ready to tackle it!