Saturday, September 21, 2013


Oil on canvas
12 x 16 inches

I was so enamoured by my previous painting that I decided to paint a similar one in the series.
Pain and suffering are part of life but so is healing. To every bad, there is a good.

Just for your interest, Asclepius is the God of medicine in ancient Greek mythology, just like Panacea( the previous one).

Friday, September 20, 2013


Oil On canvas with palette knives
12 x 16 inches

A deflection from my usuals,this! But truth be told. I must admit that it was not a planned event . What led to this artwork was sheer laziness mixed with a vengeance to paint at the same time.But in my mind I was looking for a cure to rid me of certain difficulties I was facing. Of course I demanded it from my art. When all else fails, art is always there to give me a solution. I was thinking of playing with some colours, though geometry isn't really my domain. But it was an enjoyable experience which kept me going at it till 3 AM! 

It is carnival time here in India, what with the Ganpati festival just over , only to give way to a host of others. It means festivities, get togethers, religious events, public events, friends, family and food! A labyrinth of colours is what you see in India at this time. But I have my own colours as each of us do. The world goes on. festivals come and go. Some things change some don't. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tabla - Dha dhin na

16 x 20 inches
Oil on canvas with palette knives

As usual, am not sure if I am done with this or not.But at least I know that I have found some kind of closure through this painting, both in terms of this artwork and in terms of some other life decisions. I have gone through some ups and downs in recent times, which set me apart from art, only to make me seek the canvas back as the sole means of consort to end my troubles and make peace! What better way than this, which is a mix of art and music, my two soulmates!!

Tabla is an Indian percussion instrument used in Hindustani Classical Music.The smaller drum, with a conical shape towards the top is called the dayan. It is actually played at the right side and the round drum, which is called the bayan is played on the left side.Both the drums are earthen or made of steel or brass and covered with goatskin.Tablas are used as accompaniment with vocals and other musical instruments.

Am including here a tabla recital by Bhushan Parchure, a disciple of Ustaad Zakeer Husain ji. I have been lucky to have witnessed several performances by Bhushan and find his performance powerful and mesmerising!Hope you view it to have a full flavour of my painting.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tablas- WIP

A Work in Progress which is never progressing! These tablas have been on the canvas forever. They lay as a sketch for months. Then a bit of colour came on and again went into hibernation for months. I worked on them again two days back but have gone back into my busy schedule again.Will they ever get done? Who will solve the case of the half-done tablas?

Meanwhile, I have got sucked into the vortex of life. Art was a used to be and will be a wanna be for some time.If I ever get on with this and get some beats into my life, I am back or off...Am fast joining the band of internet couch potatoes, who do nothing after a hard day's work but sit and browse!