Friday, December 16, 2016

Confluence 2016 - New Delhi

My painting Parsi Balcony is showing in Confluence 2016 from tomorrow in New Delhi. All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society Rafi Marg. It will get to hobnob with artpieces across the globe!

Good End to the year 2016!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Column in G-PLus

A screenshot of one of my articles from a fortnightly column on G- Plus magazine. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016


 Oil on wood .12 x 3 inches.(Asymmetric).

Someone's trash is someone's treasure! This piece of wood was a discarded piece in a house in Delhi . Wood work going into decorative renovation in the house was a boon for me! Whilst the owner raved about how the designs had to be crafted into the furniture, the artist in me couldn't resist but ask for discarded pieces if any! Managed to get two pieces come my way and here it is...a floral veneer for the wood. No other art supply has been flown in before .So no ordinary piece this! 

I have been doing a bit of research on wood. This piece is hardboard is what I got to know. Also read that different artists have painted on wood using different ways. Am lucky that my work is impasto. THe surface is not too affected as I use such thick paste!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family
Oil on Ceramic.
From Left: Adara, Amarillio, Amaranda, Areta

Adara - A close up!
A whirlwind long and extended weekend of painting. I did my own painting getaway by not getting away from home! I gave myself a stay-cation so I could just paint. What's more, these are just few of the plates from all that I painted. Wait and watch for more! 

Some surprising changes with the florist! Things have changed and how! The other day I dropped in quickly to buy a bouquet for a friend, whose party I was attending.He started matcjing colours and suggesting what I should paint. When I told him it was not for painting but for gifting, he almost looked offended! What a change from how things were! He is slowly turning into my flower consultant - as far as what he thinks should make its way onto my canvas!
I came away smiling!!!:):) 

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Oil on ceramic with palette knives. Landed with these roses as there were no orchids with any of the neighbourhood florists. I had picked up a few ceramic plates on a stopover during an office trip last week and here goes the first one. Meanwhile my old florist is back and the tables have turned and how!! He not only greets me but wants to see which of his flowrs I have painted . He also suggests what flowers to paint in the season and lets me buy for a lower cost. Phew!
Here is the painting and the model vying for competition!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Todi- 14 "x 16 "

Todi. Oil on Canvas with palette knives. 

Two months of handling skin had taken me to shapes,contours, blues and browns. I was finally ready for the soft tendrils and bold colours of my favourite, which is flowers and here it is! Todi is named after Raag Todi and is a product of three hours of a precious Sunday. My florist has meanwhile changed and the new one who I bought these lilies from could not fathom why I matched colours with such importance. I shot him a look thinking he would soon come round and be a part of my story!

Reds, greens, back!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bespoke - Oil on Canvas

A sketch of myself in my new hairstyle which is fast wearing out. We all fear change but at the same time it excites us. I had quite an interesting time . Many people loved this hairstyle . Some didn't. Some behaved like I committed a crime by daring to have a temporary change. Some failed to recognise me. As for me, I enjoyed the sleek look that it brought. Little did I care about what the world thought!

I am hovering between my floral colours and skin hues. Hanging in confusion. I seem to love skin for the time. I seem to crave for contours and expressions . Shadows and light. Well, I let things take their course . You will know soon when I upload the next one.

Meanwhile I bumped into my florist the other day, who now seems to wait for me to come to his shop, as opposed to few months back when he would scoff at me ! He is almost offended at me for not having come to buy flowers and show him which of his florals I painted!

So much for change!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016


After two months of handling browns and blues of skin, I thought I should get back to my signature- florals.It wasn't easy! Am yet to get the furious colours but at least I started with something!

Hopefully I shall have something better and bolder tomorrow!


Two months of fabulous sketching and painting at the prestigious Art Society of India was a great treat for me! It was a time of sweltering heat in Mumbai. Once you reach the premises , the timings were adhered to very professionally. The models were great and professional and knew exactly how to pose! 

One of my most memorable experiences while painting happened during the last session of the life drawing class. I had taken my oils and knives to paint . I usually use kerosene to wipe my knives and clean off the paint. The kerosene happened to be in an old bottle which was once a mineral water bottle. As I arrived at the session huffing and puffing due to the heat and was readying my stuff, I thought of drinking some water to dry my parched throat. So on one hand was my kerosene bottle and paints and nearby was the water bottle. I did the inevitable! Poured kerosene into my mouth thinking it was water!! I spat it out immediately but the whole group was in a state of flutter including the model! I had just started dabs of paint on the canvas but abandoned everything and went about fixing the problem. Thankfully I hadn't drunk a drop and so alive to write this post. Anyway I lost about an hour and then came up with this artwork in the next pose! It was an eventful painting day and a lesson learnt!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A beautiful purple is what I wanted to see on a fresh white plate.
The journey with plates has been quite frustrating. I am not happy with what is available in the market and I haven't been able to explore what else lies out there. A plate is too tiny a surface to unleash angst or paint with fury. It requires severity. It requires tight strokes. It requires perfection. I come!


My image consultant had given me a plan which I am hurriedly falling back upon. Orchids are my latest challenge!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Bahaar. Acrylic on plate.

I have just two acrylic tubes which are fast drying and I had to use them. I left the whole set somewhere but had brought these two to outline two works. Since I have no other colour I couldn't, mix any values and decided to do something different. I have called this Bahaar as am singing that Raaga these days . This will be my second and last acrylic on ceramic .  This was more an exercise to keep in touch with painting lest I stop painting altogether!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nouveau 18*24" oil on canvas

New is mostly the old dressed anew. Beginning the new year with a slight improvisation on my style. Is it nice? Let me know by leaving a comment .

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New year 2016

Year another artful year ended to start another... . 2015 led me to galleries, exhibitions, selection in contests and sales. I also embarked on my ceramics journey. Will I continue in ceramics..I know not! However, I am thinking of altering my style a bit . I have started experimenting a bit but time shall say if I culminate in something or not.
Till then, I post this picture  from a Delhi wall, where my sold plates compete against other artefacts! A nice feeling indeed!!

India Art Festival 2015

My painting which was bought by Gakerie Art Eterne was exhibited as a part of their collection in India Art Festival 2015. I also ended up displaying three of my plates through the same gallery. It was indeed a good experience to have gone to see my work being exhibited as a part of a gallery's collection!!