Saturday, July 23, 2016


Oil on ceramic with palette knives. Landed with these roses as there were no orchids with any of the neighbourhood florists. I had picked up a few ceramic plates on a stopover during an office trip last week and here goes the first one. Meanwhile my old florist is back and the tables have turned and how!! He not only greets me but wants to see which of his flowrs I have painted . He also suggests what flowers to paint in the season and lets me buy for a lower cost. Phew!
Here is the painting and the model vying for competition!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Todi- 14 "x 16 "

Todi. Oil on Canvas with palette knives. 

Two months of handling skin had taken me to shapes,contours, blues and browns. I was finally ready for the soft tendrils and bold colours of my favourite, which is flowers and here it is! Todi is named after Raag Todi and is a product of three hours of a precious Sunday. My florist has meanwhile changed and the new one who I bought these lilies from could not fathom why I matched colours with such importance. I shot him a look thinking he would soon come round and be a part of my story!

Reds, greens, back!