Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rahi sat down to give afew strokes but slowly realized that oils are not like waters and require patience . So she urged me to give afew strokes after some time.tHis is a result of both our efforst. One more sitting should complete the painting.

Changing colours

My original now changing looks. This is the latest version but I think some more dramatic changes will take place.Not bin getting time of late to sit with my these are hurried touches accomodated in a sunday splattered with this and that.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Now she has some features

My pretty woman is slowly coming to life. This is the afternoon version.

My Original coming slowly to life

Morning version. This was done in the morning, today being a sunday.

Painted this one for my friend Malti

This was painted almost two years back. I was new in Mumbai and used to visit Malti a lot and my daughter was studying in boarding. She gave me a postcard and told me that this was a house in a village in Sweden that she had visited.She wanted me to paint it. She had seen me sketching on bits of paper here and there and i mentioned that I had done a few oils back home years back.She said I can paint this for her and she would be very glad.The day I gave her the finished painting(which took some time as those days I was travelling a lot at work) , there were tears in her eyes.She was reminded of the days in Swedebn when she had gone sight seeing.This is a picture of my painting on her wall in her guest room.

Friday, January 2, 2009


I wanted to do something original. Something straight out of my mind. So I started this portrait of a woman ...This is the first cut. The exciting fact is.. I don't know what it will ultimately come out as...its my creation.Wow! am excited.Plan to work on it in the evening after work.

Rahi's canvas

My daughter Rahi also wanted to do oils as she saw that I was busy painting. she usually does great water colours but all this parapheranelia of linseed oil and turpentine etc began to entice her. So I gave her a seascape to paint that would be pretty simple to paint as a first oil.
This is the first cut...its on Oil Paper specially bought for her.This was done last evening.Think its come out prettu mature as a first cut from a 10 year old.