Thursday, September 30, 2010

A statement

Hi Friends,

First of all thanks to all the regular visitors of my blog, for taking interest in my art and encouraging me constantly. It has spiraled my own efforts to a considerable extent.Often, when I wouldn't be painting for weeks, I would get "knock knock "comments and smses asking me why I haven't and I would  again get back to drawing!

A few points of clarification and reiteration about what my blog and art is all about:

1) This blog is a diary of all my efforts at drawing and painting.
2) It is my most important Work Life Balance tool. As of now, I am taking refuge in my art and blogging about art  and finding soul connect with it.
3) I am in the learning stage as far as art is concerned and treat every piece of art I do as a learning experience.
4) Each medium that I have used has been a source of learning and delight for me.
5) Eventually I hope to make my art and blog commercial, however that will be the ultimate win win situation as learning and the soul connect will never end.

A few points about what my blog and art is not about:

1) This blog is not a short cut to an ego trip.
2) This blog is not a showcase of the number of comments I receive.
3) My art is not about pleasing others, but making me happy and making me express my innermost feelings.
4) This blog is not about restricting my creative juices and showcasing only what is "thought" to be appropriate or "nice" .
5) Finally , this blog is not a platform to please anyone else but myself at this point of time.

My plea to my friends and visitors:

1) Please help me grow in my artistic learning
2) Please give me constructive feedback
3) Please be open for discussion when you give comments
4) Please send me links to other great art sites if you know of any.
5) Please do not waste time in giving comments which are not based on artistic interests.
6) Please give your name when you give your comments as I would like to know who is critiquing my art.
7) Please do not delete comments once published, unless it is for some serious reason as it affects the comments thread and restricts good critique
8) Finally, please help me grow as an artist in the true sense of the term!

I once again thank everyone for the encouragement and appreciation and hope to start my next painting in a day or two after my long rest!


Arvind said...

Not a surprise that, in 7 days, nobody responded to this narcissistic post.

"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web."
-- Pablo Picasso

Facts of Life said...

Arvind, I do not publish all comments. Few people did not comment. All art related critique is welcome. Speaking of narcicism, I am finally thinking of doing a self portrait in oil and should be starting it soon, with the blessings of picasso!

Facts of Life said...

I mean few people did comment. That was a typo