Monday, December 13, 2010

Stacked-Oil on Stretched canvas

This is for my friend , who wanted a painting of  flowers. I did this out of imagination. Am still not sure whether am done with this painting or I should add some little flowers here and there for final touch. Nonethe less, I decided to upload it as I hadn't uploaded a 'proper' painting in a while.

Over the months , my painting technique has changed . I am not using the word evolved as am not sure. I have been hugely inspired by Painter Karin Jurick and her style of using thick paint has crept into my strokes.I am nowhere near Karin and don't know whether this style has done me good or bad. I am planning on trying my old style of layer by layer painting (more time consuming) in the next fresh painting that I do.( I already am halfway through another painting). Maybe that will bring about a good comparison .

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