Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some stuff

I was going through my art journey in my mind. 

Two and half years back when I started painting, I'd actually bought a canvas and some paints and brushes out of sheer desperation to take care of my dull evenings at home, when I wanted to go out but couldn't due to family responsibilities. But I somehow envisioned at the back of my mind that I would turn it into a serious thing and saw myself painting restlessly! I actually never realised when my painting activity ballooned into a movement , where I cancelled outings so I could stay at home just to paint or draw!   

I started painting to express anger, boredom, happiness and sorrow. Soon my activities turned into paint-outs which was full of anticipation and and action.

As it grew and number of paintings increased, I came to a stage where I saw only art in everything.

Some things which inspire me to draw/ paint:

1) Lakes, water fronts, sea and all kinds of water bodies.
2) Trees and peculiarities of branches and shadows.
3) Flowers , shrubs with bright flowers
4) Houses, apartments, buildings
5) Skyline with different shades of the sun
6) Slums /!!!!! ( Yes!)
7) Restaurants and people eating/ sitting/ drinking
8) Office people in different postures
9) Expressions..happy, angry, sad
10) Last but not the least..Backs of people

One of the painters who monumentally inspires me is Karin Jurick from Atlanta Georgia. I think she is one of the most thinking painters of modern age art who has a niche in the kind of art she does and who is passionate about painting! 

Well, I just handed over one of my paintings that i was working on for a social function. I will take a break and finish the other half done work. Till then...ill dream about art!

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