Monday, February 20, 2012

Lackadaisical- Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas with palette knife A4 size

I have forced myself to paint today. Just to get back. The reasons why I hadn't painted for over a month are serious and silly both. 
The serious one being preoccupation with some matters, which needed thoughtful decisions. I am usually quite a multi-tasker and things do not really get into my painting but this time I had to just dedicate all my focus onto what I was doing as it involved very important issues.

Silly one being the fact that my palette was dirty with dried paint, and the whole painting area in my house  messed up by my daughter to such an extent that she has got  complete hold over my paints, brushes and turpentine and ousted me out, but in the process left everything untidy .

I had to spend half an hour scraping paint off the palette with a palette- knife and searching for my paints in her paint box! I have retrieved my paints and now have made some rules about my stuff and her stuff, so that we do not cross paths! At least not in terms of the tools of the trade. Each to his (her) own!:).

I haven't painted with love and this work reeks of impatience and disinterest but flowers are the best to  get back as it's easier to do your own thing!!!

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