Saturday, August 4, 2012

'The Learning Series'


It's a Teeny Meeny Itsy Bitsy oil dotted painting! It was on a day when I craved to paint but my daughter's math prep for an exam kept me busy.Since I couldn't get around to painting something large scale, I got this small canvas board from my daughter's stock and painted this impressionist hibiscus while multitasking with her Math.In my mind it's a mathematical flower (jasinski) with the essence of squares , cubes and congruent triangles.It was just an art-snack, but nevertheless, an art meal. 

Bloom's Taxonomy

When you are caught between wanting to paint and wanting to rest after a hectic day at work, what's the best you can do? Simple! Grab a tiny canvas, grab the paints and the palette knives and splash some bright colours. The sunflowers in my office continue to beckon me and invite me. I glance at them enviously, as the blooms sway merrily in the sun and intermittent showers , as I dart past with some Learning plans!!


Pink nowhere lies on my usual palette of reds and yellows, but I thought I should try to soften up once in a while. As I was painting this, I was reminiscing about my days when I worked in a training company.I fondly remembered this word 'schwa' which I decided to name this painting.

A rose arose (schwa) from these memories put together and also as an attempt to add to what I now have decided to call my' Learning Series' of small canvases.

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