Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have been very influenced by a play I watched a few months back. It's called 'Stories in a song', produced by Shuba Mudgal and presented by Sunil Shanbag. I was so mesmerised by the songs in the play, that I went to watch the play all over again, for a second time. One of the songs which the chief protagonist sings is 'Aan baan'.
I would play the song over and over in my mind, but unfortunately the music of the play is not released as an album and is not available. But I happened to get the song, which was originally sung by Gauhar Jaan, which was exactly as depicted in the play. The play enacts an episode of how Gauhar Jaan a classical singer from yore, recorded this very song for the first time on Gramophone records.I found the entire episode mentioned in wikipedia and also her original song onyoutube. Ketaki Thatte, the chief protagonist who sings this song in the play does a fabulous job and sounds just like the original Gauhar (as heard in the original recording)!I recommend this play to all music connoissieurs!

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