Monday, March 11, 2013

Parsi Balcony

Oil On canvas
12x14 inches
Inspired from a photo on my friend Adi's blog about books:
It was on a drive to Parsi Colony in Dadar , in Mumbai that I saw 5 gardens. The sheer beauty of the place and the lush greenery bowled me over. But what really took my attention were the lovely Parsi bungalows.I vowed to come back and paint. meanwhile my friend Adi did this article on Parsi Colony with these photographs(as shown on link) and I immediately sought his permission to paint one of the balconies.    

Addenda:: My friend Bipasha Bandopadhyay wrote this small poem after seeing this painting:

    My heart blushed to the rude blast of air, I was surprised as to how my saddened consciousness was so Unaware, 
    Full of great things the autumn Brings, I wish it was Autumn when we first met, because of the autumn leaves falling on us two brutalised souls would have been a nostalgia i would never Forget.
    I stood spellbound an ...onlooker, While you & Autumn romped Free .......

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