Sunday, January 19, 2014

Lalita Lajmi's Solo Exhibition- 2014

I was privileged to have got an invitation for senior Indian artist Lalita Lajmi's Solo Exhibition- 'The Masque of Life', held in Jehangir Art Gallery early this week . What a treat it was! It was a collection of watercolour paintings depicting relationships and the unique thing about this exhibition is that the whole collection was done using only pale blue and black colours. Her usual rendition of humans playing different roles or masks to coexist with other aspects of life has been beautifully brought out in serene, soothing colours. The Lajmism of the expressions stand out in the white backgrounds, giving a feel of serenity. The simple, yet classy artist herself sitting next to her work was a double treat as if only exemplifying the divinity of her works. At the age of 80, she has worked on a few life size water colours with intricate work!

The opening was buzzing with a host of celebrities from the film, theater and of course art background. That was however not enough to take on the exquisite artwork.

I have come back inspired and motivated. I spent some time towards the end of the show talking to the artist and realised that there is no other short cut to success than simplicity and hardwork.

This is the third or fourth time that I have had a chance to interact with lajmi. Each time I have been awestruck by her grace and underplayed class.

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