Monday, September 8, 2014

Prithvi Cafe

Pen on Paper
B4 Size
The famous Prithvi Cafe' with its beautiful and artistic ambience. An artist's delight and an artiste's haven! This café is famous for its celebrity clientele and Irish Coffee! The Sulemani tea is one of my favourites. This sketch absorbed two Sulmani Teas, half a chocolate pastry and a chicken pan sandwich! The morning hours at Prithvi on Sunday are great. Many celeb...rities bring their kids for the morning children's show and the rest of the crowd comprise classy people with chic dressing. Prithvi is the place to bump into singers, actors, flautists and artists hanging around discussing projects or just sipping coffee thinking about the next production! When I sketched this, the food counters were still empty as the morning food batches weren't delivered .

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