Friday, January 2, 2015

What I learnt about art from 2014

2014 has been very staid as far as my indulgence with art is concerned. However, I exhibited twice in small steps but learnt big lessons from them. I also connected to a new band of urban sketchers and learnt several perspectives from them.

I learnt from my exhibitions that:

1) No one size fits all and no one taste appeals to all buyers. Just when a viewer gushes and gurgles over your painting, another one walks in just five minutes later and looks distastefully at it. Again, just when someone tells you that the size of a painting is just perfect and you should stick to it, another comes along and says it is either too small or too big. If someone likes horizontal, another likes vertical. It is a difficult matter and you cannot please anyone. The only thing which makes sense is paint your own thing. The world is a wide one.

2) Framing is important. If you want to make it elaborate, your artwork should be strong enough to stand out. A simple frame is good enough if the artwork is good.

3) Please stick to your style no matter what. If you have your signature and people recognize and buy for that, then you have arrived!

I Learnt from my sketching sessions that :

1) Sketching with people better than you is important so that you learn more.

2) Try to build in depth in your sketches by adding values. You can use a lighter and darker filler pen for this.

3) Always carry a sketchbook, no matter what.

4) Beware of catching on someone else's style.


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