Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bespoke - Oil on Canvas

A sketch of myself in my new hairstyle which is fast wearing out. We all fear change but at the same time it excites us. I had quite an interesting time . Many people loved this hairstyle . Some didn't. Some behaved like I committed a crime by daring to have a temporary change. Some failed to recognise me. As for me, I enjoyed the sleek look that it brought. Little did I care about what the world thought!

I am hovering between my floral colours and skin hues. Hanging in confusion. I seem to love skin for the time. I seem to crave for contours and expressions . Shadows and light. Well, I let things take their course . You will know soon when I upload the next one.

Meanwhile I bumped into my florist the other day, who now seems to wait for me to come to his shop, as opposed to few months back when he would scoff at me ! He is almost offended at me for not having come to buy flowers and show him which of his florals I painted!

So much for change!!

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