Saturday, January 20, 2018

Beer Festival in Grand Place Brussels

Cafe Chaloupe d'Or
Grand Place de Bruxellas

Beer festival 
Grand Place de Bruxellas
Caught hurriedly on tissue paper I did these sketches a few months back when I was on a quick tour to Europe. Grand Place de Bruxellas was in the happy frenzy of an ongoing Beer Festival and the live energy amidst the beautiful and ornate architecture around brought out the artist in me. I was in the midst of sampling some delicious Belgium chocolate but I kept the confectionery aside to perch myself under a baroque lamp-post and capture these sketches! Unlike in India, people did not peer or gather around you when you sketched in the open. It seemed to be a done thing. Happy beer guzzlers bonding in camaraderie, stylish people wearing the latest fashion, parents with babies in strollies, selfie clickers straining their necks to get the perfect shot and introverted artists all comprised the mix of crowd milling around. I had a wonderful memory and the most beautiful experience sketching there!

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