Friday, June 3, 2011

Quite White - Oil on A4 size Canvas Sheet

This is a  pallete knife painting done without any brushes, except for the background.

I am trying out some pallete knives that I bought recently. I find the knives too fragile either to scoop or paste the paints. Will have to buy some sturdier ones, so I don't have to think of them breaking when I am pasting!

Palette knife is excellent for oil painters who prefer the impasto kind of technique. It requires a little maouevering and understanding of shadows and impressions that could be created with different colours.
You require a few rags to wiipe the paint clean thats all.

Merits of this technique:

1) It is quick.

2) It makes the colours " come out strong'' , as there is usually no solvent mixed. Paint is directly blobbed onto the canvas.

3) Its initially great for still life and sceneries, where you want to show impressionist layers (e.g. seascapes). Once you have manoeuvered the technique, you can take it forward to cityscapes and figures as well!

4) No solvents, medium required. Just wipe the paint clean!


1) It's messy! You end up having oil paint all over!

2) If you can't plan out shapes and shadows in your head, you may end up 'not really being there'!

3) Its expensive!! You use double the amount of paints in this technique, vis - a -vis the usualy brush technique.!

All in all, I'm all for palette knife technique. It suits my style and I love the finish.

I hope to do more on my larger canvases!


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