Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unmindful - Oil on Canvas Board-20x22cms

Sometimes you paint just because you have to. This is a tiny knife painting that I did just to convince myself that I can still paint  (Its bin ages since I last did). But my mind and heart weren't on it and it shows in the result!

I have meanwhile gotten more mastery over the pallete knives and am wondering if I can get back to the brush, now that I have been piling paint directly on to the canvas. Just wipe it clean and that's it! Over! No turpentine, no! Only thing is, it is going to wipe my bank account also clean as this method requires more than double the amount of paint that would be used with brushes!!!

This is one instance where I cannot say that the painting looks better than the photo, because it's the reverse...The photo looks better than the painting!:)

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