Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fall Vista - Soft Pastel Sketch

Had done this sketch out of imagination with soft pastels. I love those pastels, save for the fact that they generate too much dust and after sometime one starts sneezing. When I was halfway through this sketch, I started sneezing and it made my hand unsteady.

Tips for artists:

Have a rag cloth ready with you if you are using these pastels.
Do not wear light cloured clothes.

Either use a fixative spray if you want to preserve them, or frame them right away, or the colours may 'dust' away. 

This sketch is better than the photo!When will I click pix with my cam or rather, will I ever take the effort to click snaps with my cam?

I have got a half done oil of a girl sitting in a boat in the wilderness on the easel. but i seem to have abandoned it. Till then, expect more sketches!

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