Friday, December 2, 2011

Value Proposition- Oil on canvas

A small oil painting done for some landscape practice . It'sa copy, only for practice as where I liv,e there aren't too many pretty spots to do an original plein air 'pure' landscape, without getting some concrete jungle in the picture. This painting is not for sale . It's been almost two years or so since I did an actual landscape and this is one of the reasons, apart from my pre-occupation with figure studies and flowers.

I think a landscape painting can be looked upon as more of a value proposition, than a painting in itself. There is more than just a pretty picture to a landscape. it always is positive, it gives joy to everyone and it is always close to nature. I would position a landscape as not a landscape but a 'thing of joy'.

The Raaga I am doing riyaaz on today is Bageshree. It is a late night raaga.

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