Friday, December 30, 2011

Anthesis - Oil on Canvas

 35 x 45 cms

Chrysanthemums at their fullest bloom look lovely. I had a friend send in pictures of these flowers from her garden and mixed colours exactly like the flowers she sent me. I had fun creating the values for each colour. The challenge was in creating a bouquet from my imagination. Tried to keep the warm/ cool combos to a certain extent. I used a small palette knife as the works had to be fine to keep the petals thin and used a bigger one for the leaves and flower- pot.

My blog is 3 years old today. This year has been very progressive for me as far as art is concerened. I have learned and grown by leaps and bounds. 

Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year 2012 !      


Adi said...

I suppose these are very traditional subjects but they nonetheless bring out your talent. Marvelous!

Kasturi said...

Adi...I am a fan of realism. Isuppose that's what you mean by the word traditional.I like art which is simple,easy to understand and represents a slice of life.
Thanks for your comments.