Friday, April 20, 2012

The other side of Art

Art does not begin and end with just the passion and the paints, unfortunately. The toughest part, to me ( after the pics and camera) is the framing!!! I've been going up and down two, three framers. First I went to one guy who framed a few of my paintings around 3 years back.I found him very bare and clinical and dumped him.. Last year, I went to an upmarket framer, who made such gaudy and overwhelming frames that the painting got overshadowed, both by the frames and the prices of the frames which were exorbitant! People would be staring more at the frames than at the painting! Then next came another framer, who was little away from where I lived and who turned out to be so raw, that he did a mass customisation of framing to all the paintings that I'd given him. He also nailed two of my paintings to the frames!!!!! Of course I was near to tears!!!! Kill me but don't nail my creations!!!

Now, I've finally gone back to the first framer. I've also learnt meanwhile that simple( not gaudy) frames are the best. The painting needs more focus than the frame, though a beautiful frame can do wonders to enhance the artistic appeal! Some of my paintings recently framed, and wrapped in cellophane:

Conclusion: Framing is not an easy decision. It's a time consuming activity. Each painting needs to be carefully thought-through, so that a frame could be fitted to the best fit!!

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