Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Oil on Canvas
10inch x 10inch

This painting was back breaking. I had painted a similar apple two years back. A friend of mine wanted that painting but I didn't have it anymore with me. So I had to make another one.

The challenges were in motivating  myself to re-paint a similar still and trying to make the arrangement different so that there is no clash with the older one. I juxtaposed the apple with some small grapes and focused on perspective here, as I wanted the apple to dominate the still-life. This white plate and the knife belong to my kitchen. 

I had got so used to palette knife, painting with a brush was a challenge after a long time. This one called for very neat finishings and accuracy. I had to move on and off from my easel to the floor and back to get it right and finally I am done!

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