Monday, September 17, 2012

'Red and White'

Oil on Canvas with palette knives

When you want a pretty picture and some bright colours, just paint a landscape!I used a myriad of colours here. Though my palette is getting limited these days, I let my hand lead me here. I reached inside my bag of tubes and blindly spread colour.It was almost like a random sampling method!!!:) I dipped into my bag, looked at the colour and decided where it should go...I decided to use some blues and mauves here on the grass! If we squint hard at landscape scenarios, we can see these colours reflected and that's what I have tried to do here. However, I have been squinting a lot these days while driving or when travelling in public transport, just to absorb and record the colours I would use in my paintings later! This is great for the art but am not too sure what's the impact on fellow travelers and passengers! But then who cares!


Adi said...

The foreground with grass and wildflowers is resplendent. However, I feel the two buildings in the background spoil the effect that the rest of the painting create - a sort of laid-back impressionistic style. They seem too objective, too crude. Did you struggle while painting them.

Kasturi said...

Hi Adi..I didn't struggle but yes I had in mind two crude huts..I did them and overdid them a few times. in fact this is not the final version as I worked on them again!!!I guess my style is largely veering into old impressionist styles , mainly because of my gazing at Monet's work for hours everyday!!!!But thanks for your comments..I'll try to keep this in mind when i paint the next landscape!