Monday, October 1, 2012


Oil on Canvas with palette knives
A4 size

Just when I think am done with doing flowers, I realise that am not and then presto! Out comes another from my stock!!! Did this in the morning, as I wanted to do a different colour scheme. Though I started out with yellows and muted blacks, I couldn't resist myself and added some cherries so that i could use my favourite reds!!! Can't seem to do without the bold colours!!!!

I have decided to name this painting Yellow for two reasons. A. because I have simply run out of exotic names. B because it's just that- yellow flowers!

Adding a famous song by "Coldplay' called Yellow to go with this painting!

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padmaja said...

Hi Kasturi, lovely to enjoy your art today! I enjoyed all the previous colorful saga of the floral expressions.. and yellow, I would associate with optimism, positivity and personal strength.. nice to see you making it the prime color here!